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Confounding Countrymen

Posted on Saturday 4th of February 2006 01:59:25 PM by Maximinus
What puzzles me is how nearly all overseas news stories involving New Zealand are about its people - doing preposterously absurd, worrying or disturbing things:


To name but a few.

Why is there never any 'good news' from New Zealand making international headlines?
Comment by Everard, Monday 6th of February 2006 10:58:03 PM [Reply]
There are only so many times that alliterated titles are amusing... And stop posting so many damn links or run the risk of becoming every-other-blogger. Can we bring something new to the table, please?
Comment by Paul, Thursday 16th of March 2006 12:00:13 AM [Reply]
Haha! I've got away with it again on 'Bike Beats Bus' - I see no complaints about that one! (Actually, it wasn't deliberate... but that's beside the point :-P)
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