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Idiotic Redundancy Department

Posted on Friday 11th of May 2007 06:58:29 PM by Maximinus
Last week, I decided to check and see if the IRD owed me a tax rebate this year.  I discovered that I needed to know how much PAYE tax I'd paid over the year, so I was about to order a summary of earnings to find out, when a link caught my eye - it offered the opportunity to check your account details online.

I clicked on the link, signed up for the online access... and got given a message saying that they'd snail-mail me a first-time password, and that it would arrive within 10 working days.  It also claimed that this is why it asked at the start that they had your current address - which it didn't ask at all.

Realising that this was the same lead time as requesting a summary of earnings, I decided to use their "Request a summary of earnings - temporary address change" form to get a summary of earnings sent to me at the flat, so I wouldn't need to go out to my father's house just to get the password, and could pick it up at a later date.

Today, I received a letter from the IRD, stating that they "cannot issue the summary of earnings based on this request" because "the details you have provided differ to those that we hold."  It's even been hand-signed!  This letter just leaves me wondering how anybody is supposed to use the "temporary address change" form - although, granted, it does mention something about using it if you want to receive the summary instead of having it sent to your tax agent - but I don't have a tax agent, so I assumed that it could be used to send it to a different address for me.  It asks for "the address you want your summary of earnings sent to" - no mention of it having to be on file.  If if you can't specify an address that they don't have on file, why bother asking for your address?
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