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What a load of BS

Posted on Friday 23rd of June 2006 12:02:39 PM by Maximinus
Lately, notices identical to the one shown at left have been springing up on buses.

What's wrong with that, you ask?  A lot.  Just look at the upper portion, where they've made a paltry attempt at using "txt-spk" (see this post for more on this abomination) to try to communicate information to young people.

Firstly, this is an insult to those who don't butcher their language in such a horrid way, as it makes it seem that all young people understand and use such "language" - which is far from true.

Next, they haven't even got it right - I know this only because I have received communications written in "txt-spk" - as for one thing, there shouldn't be any apostrophes used.

My opinion is that notices such as these should be written in English; if anyone affected by what it has to say can't read it, but would be able to decipher the top portion of the sign at left, it's their own stupid fault that their MetroCard will be terminated (in this case).
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