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Mixed Bag

Posted on Monday 22nd of May 2006 09:31:47 PM by Maximinus
Well, since I haven't ranted for a while now, this one's going to be a bit of a mixed bag - sort of like a couple of smaller rants packed into one bigger one.

Firstly, there's a teaching practice that one of my tutors uses, which I find particularly stupid and annoying.  He asks the class a question, usually one to which he hasn't taught an answer, and stands there looking around the room until somebody answers.  He does seem to have a timeout after which he'll reluctantly move on and actually teach it; however it's a pointless waste of time to just sit there and wait.  Because I'd rather not sit around for who knows how long, just waiting for him to teach the class, I end up answering all his questions.  This means that he seems to think that I know my stuff, which is probably a good thing, as I do know most of what he is teaching already, and it means he hopefully won't be too scrupulous in marking my work.  It's also a bad thing, though, as it means that if I don't answer a question, and instead wait for him to time out, he might assume that I don't know the answer, which might start to negate this effect.

Next, and I know Lex has already covered this, there's the masses of invitations to stupid websites that I'm not at all likely to be interested in.  Why do people subject all the people they regard as friends to hordes of spammy messages saying "such and such has invited you to join Random Crappy Site X" - even when they know the person won't be interested?  All it does is waste both parties' time.  I've even had experiences with such crappy sites not even giving up after one spam, but sending out another one a few days later, because you haven't joined... and then another... and another... and another.  Please, people - don't invite me to any more crappy sites.  If you think that I might *actually* be interested in something, ask me before you give my email address to the spambot on the site.  And before you start saying it's not spam - yes, it is.  It is unsolicited email - which is the very definition of spam.

There's oh so much more I could go on about, but I think that's about enough for now.
Until next time!
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