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Posted on Monday 10th of April 2006 08:51:41 PM by Maximinus
So, let's see how many different courier / freight companies I can warp the name of at once, eh?

Seriously, I've ordered stuff from ThinkGeek before, and always chosen UPS as the delivery method - it's more expensive, but I always figured it must be worth the extra.  Not so, it would seem.  Both times, it's taken a while to get here, and the first time it got held up in customs for ages.  This time, I chose DHL - because it was the cheaper option.  72 hours after it was shipped from ThinkGeek, it had travelled almost right across the USA, then into Auckland, gone through Customs and gotten to Christchurch - and been delivered.  That's over a weekend, too.  Bloody impressive.

Also, I've heard horror stories involving UPS - including a guy who ordered a graphics card, which was sent via UPS.  The box was plastered with 'FRAGILE' stickers etc, and yet they managed to run it over with a forklift.  They still delivered it, despite the fact that it was completely flattened in the middle, and smashed into many little pieces.

So, all I have to say is, Up UPS.  DHL FTW!
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