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Posted on Wednesday 5th of April 2006 08:05:54 PM by Maximinus
One of my tutors seems to be especially good at being a right royal pain in the backside.

Firstly, he put us into random groups (at least he didn't make us do a personality test and then sort us into groups which are least likely to work - which he has been known to do) and told us to watch a set of videos from the library, and that we would then have to write a report in groups.  He didn't tell us what the report was actually to be on; however he did say that we need to use references other than just the tapes.
He then told us to hand in an outline of our proposed report - and to not start writing it until that was signed off.  This was several weeks after telling us to watch the videos.  He collected them in, waited a further week or two, and then announced that we were to have group meetings with him again yesterday.  The first set of group meetings wasn't too bad - he set times for each group so we knew when to be there.  But no such luck this time around - he simply said they would be during class time.  So, I left work as per usual to get back to 'tech in time for the start of class - only to find out upon arrival that just as I was packing up to leave for work, the tutor sent an email saying that class would start half an hour late.  Once he finally arrived and started the meetings, which he said would take about 3-4 minutes per group, we thought it'd all be over with fairly quickly - but not so.  The group before mine, for example, was in the meeting with him for over 20 minutes.  We got in there, he basically said "Sure, your proposal is fine," signed it off, and gave us a sheet telling us what to hand in.

The previous day, I had been sitting in his lecture, and had put my head down on my arm on the desk - still facing the front and paying attention (and I tend to remember things better if my eyes are closed anyway - no visual distractions) - and he yelled at me to leave the room.  Had it not been so close to the end of the lecture anyway, I would have taken it up with him on the spot - instead I just left as he instructed, not wanting to cause more of a disruption to the class than he had just done.  I have decided that should he attempt to send me out of class for it again, I am simply going to ignore him and stay how and where I am - what can he do about it, really?  Continue to disrupt the class?  Or try to forcibly remove me from the room, and risk assault charges?  If he wishes to discuss it after class, I shall simply inform him that I learn best when there is no source of visual distraction, and that if he checked, he would see that whenever he is drawing diagrams or examples on the board, I have my eyes open and am watching.
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