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Bike Beats Bus

Posted on Saturday 11th of March 2006 06:13:39 PM by Maximinus
Today I determined that despite the dangers of biking (being knocked off your bike by old women driving too fast, being hit by flying milkshakes tossed from speeding cars, etc), it is much more efficient than catching the bus.

Bus from work <-> Polytech: 30~45 mins, depending on when a bus so happens to come by (includes ~10 min walk between work and bus stop)
Bike from work <-> Polytech: 10-15 mins

Bus from Polytech <-> home: 40 mins~1 hr
Bike from Polytech <-> home: 30-40 mins

Bus from work <-> home: 50 mins <-> 1 hr 30, depending on number of busses, and when they come by
Bike from work <-> home: 30 mins

So much for public transport.
Comment by Everard, Wednesday 15th of March 2006 09:21:06 PM [Reply]
My car's commute times should also prove relevant data.

Celica from home to school
Departure time: 9.18am tomorrow (15/3/06)
Arrival time: 9.18 today (14/3/06)

Car from home <-> school: -12hrs
Comment by Everard, Wednesday 15th of March 2006 09:21:54 PM [Reply]
that's 9.18pm.. today, sorry folks.
Comment by Paul, Wednesday 15th of March 2006 11:54:39 PM [Reply]
Sure it's not a DeLorean?
Comment by Everard, Thursday 16th of March 2006 09:14:14 PM [Reply]
It's just capable of light speed. You DON'T want to suddenly come up against traffic when you're travelling 299 792 458 m / s
Or a red light.

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