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Bus-Stop Smokers

Posted on Wednesday 8th of March 2006 07:50:35 PM by Maximinus
Yesterday was a particularly bad day in the way of bus-stop smokers for me.

Firstly, I was waiting for a bus from CPIT to work - standing in the bus shelter, and along comes a man, smoking like a chimney, and takes a seat right by me, and continues to smoke, making no effort to keep his smoke away from me.  I moved out of the shelter to escape his smoke, and although he noticed me do so, he made no apology for his lack of effort - not even acknowledging it.

Next, on the way back from work to CPIT for my afternoon classes, there was a Pacific Island woman with three young children, who arrived at the bus shelter shortly after I did.  She sat down, and encouraged her children to do the same - except the youngest, which she asked to stand in front of her so she could access the child's backpack.  Out of the backpack she pulled a pack of tobbacco, some papers and a filter - and proceeded to roll herself a ciggie.  She then, with her children all sitting close around her, proceeded to light up - making no effort to keep the smoke from her children (or me).  Has this woman never seen one of those ads on TV, advising smokers to 'take it outside?'  Sure, she was outside - but still in a relatively confined space, and with her young children in very close proximity.  It was fairly evident that she doesn't 'take it outside' anyway, as her youngest child proceeded to demonstrate by having a small coughing fit.  It is worthy of note that this child could not have been more than 3-4 years old.

I was then confronted with another bus-stop smoker when waiting for a bus home from CPIT - this time outside Hoyts 8/Science Alive.  This one wasn't so bad, though - although that was probably mostly because they were downwind from me, so the smoke was blowing away from me.

The woman mentioned in the second incident above was by far the worst offender; not only being inconsiderate to me, but damaging her children's health and increasing the likelihood of them becoming smokers as they get older as well.  It's people like her who really need to stop and think before they light up.  Pay attention to the ads, people!  Take it outside - for the good of all of us.
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