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Battery-Powered Buggery

Posted on Thursday 29th of December 2005 02:24:54 PM by Maximinus
So, you get something electronic for Christmas. It needs batteries, but doesn't make mention on the outside of the box - so you end up totally unable to play with your new gizmo until at least the next day, when you can get hold of whatever obscure type of batteries it requires.

How hard would it be for the companies to just sling in a couple of el-cheapo batteries, even if they'll only last long enough for you to have a quick play?

And this year I've noticed an even more alarming trend - supplying HALF the batteries needed. A multi-piece set, which visibly displays batteries through the packaging... Which, upon opening, only contains the batteries for one part of the set, rendering it mostly useless. If you're going to do something, do it properly - supply batteries for the whole lot!
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