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Death of Webcomics

Posted on Saturday 6th of August 2005 07:24:22 PM by Maximinus
We gather here today, to mourn the loss of two great webcomic sites.

Firstly, there was Inktank, home to Angst Technology, Sorry We're Open and Weak-End Warriors. The artist has now decided that it takes up too much of the time he doesn't have, so Inktank is now his personal blogsite.

Secondly, there was Squidi.net, home to A Modest Destiny, The Starship Destiny, the new comic that had just begun - Zombies of the Living Dead and a few other short comics etc. There are multiple reasons behind this closure; firstly, the lack of time, partially due to starting a family (same as one of Inktank's reasons) and secondly, horrible things happening which ended up with some bastards posting the physical address etc of the artist, intending to make it possible for people to abuse him more than just online. He has decided to take down the site, though intends to keep writing the comic and is looking for a publisher who will take it. I wish him all the best in finding a publisher, and as soon as I get wind of any of his work being published, I intend to get my hands on it!

Both of these webcomic sites will be sorely missed by their respective fans (me being a great fan of both).
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