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Parcel Problems...

Posted on Thursday 23rd of June 2005 06:32:25 PM by Maximinus
Ok, so me and a few others did a group ThinkGeek order the other day.

It's in NZ right now, as far as I can tell - but I can't get hold of it yet, because somewhere there was a fuckup and when it hit customs they thought it was worth a shitload more than it is, so they wanted to charge me $200 in duty and GST. I've managed to eventually get them a copy of the proper receipt, so they can work out the correct fees (sounds like I might have to pay GST on the shipping, but nothing else... if I'm lucky) - ended up having to upload it to my server, because their mail server rejected my attachment - though it didn't say that, it just bounced the message saying "exceeded storage allocation" - and it took them over two and a half hours to tell me that it wasn't a problem at their end (at which stage I decided to try without the attachment) - though, in my opinion, it IS a problem at their end, as it shouldn't bounce a message with a 42KB attachment with such a cryptic message.

So, after a day and a bit of attempting to resolve this situation, I still don't know exactly what's happening, though from what they said, the duty should be erased, as it is under $400 - though I will still have to pay GST, though I think it might be only on what's over $400 - ie, the shipping. I'm just hoping like hell that I'm going to be able to get the package tomorrow.

Note to anybody thinking of purchasing stuff from overseas: Keep the total value, including shipping, below NZD$400 and you won't have to pay a cent extra in GST/duty.
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