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Sorry, you've got the wrong (house) number...

Posted on Sunday 19th of June 2005 11:45:33 AM by Maximinus
Man, the stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

I dare say we've all had our fair share of phone calls from people with the wrong number. There's one guy who I'm sure has run here more than once asking for "Hellen" - and every time, he gets told he's got the wrong number.

Just now, the same guy (I recognise his voice from the stupendous amount of calls) drove up our driveway and knocked on the door - and asked if he had the right house, and if Hellen lived here. NO! GO AWAY! If ringing here gets you told she doesn't live here, is knocking on the door REALLY going to change that? BAKA!
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