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NZQA - New Zealand Quirky Association?

Posted on Wednesday 11th of May 2005 05:37:07 PM by Maximinus
Well, let's start this one in early 2004.

NZQA sent me my provisional results, followed by my test papers. One of the NCEA L2 Maths papers was listed as Not Achieved, even though right there on the paper it had a big "A" for Achieved. So, I wrote a letter explaining that they had transferred the grade incorrectly, and even used their fancy-pants word to say so, can't remember what they called it now. They sent it back REMARKED, saying they had decided not to change my grade and that I Achieved it. It is worthy of note that remarking costed $10 per paper, and they did not get a cent out of me for it. I then had to send it back AGAIN explaining that that was not what I had wanted, that I was happy with an A and that I just wanted it to be listed as that on the record of learning. Just over 6 months after I got the exam papers back and sent the first letter, they FINALLY sent me an ammended ROL.

When they got around to sending out the actual NCEA certificates, they sent me an NCEA Level 2 certificate, and I figured at the time that they had decided not to send a Level 1 certificate because I had the Level 2... (I passed both Level 1 and Level 2 in that year, while I was in Year 11.)

Today, my NCEA Level 3 certificate and current ROL arrived. But, to my amazement, also in the big brown envelope was.... my NCEA Level 1 certificate! So now I have NCEA Level 1, awarded in April 2005; NCEA Level 2, awarded in April 2004; and NCEA Level 3, awarded in April 2005. Go figure.
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