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<r0sie> IT Crowd season 3!?
<r0sie> there is a god
<Elle-T> has the us version started yet?
<r0sie> there is a us version?!
<r0sie> there is no god
-!- evfwevf [[email protected]] has joined #l3
<evfwevf> FOR GAY BUTTSEX JOIN IRC.P2Pchat.Net #Morpheus We Love The Kawk Over Here!
-!- evfwevf [[email protected]] has left #l3 []
<PhlyingMonkey> wow
<PhlyingMonkey> i'm actually tempted
<Maximinus> if you've ever found yourself thinking "spammers are gay" - you might just be right
(&Maximinus) Right, that has to be the first email I've ever received with the opening line "Gentlemen:"
(%Leeni) In fact, if I had my tablet, I'd whip you up soemthing pink and manly right now!
<Willu> what do i need to upgrade so my computer doesnt lag like a old woman, while editing a 8000x1200 pixel image?
<Sativa> you need to upgrade your computer
<Gumbi|laptop> Thats why I'd never rent fat mates lol
<zarathrustra_> you rent mates?
<zarathrustra_> but not fat ones?
<MevunkyOSX> ohh shit
<MevunkyOSX> im not even on irc
<MevunkyOSX> brb
<Willu-Server> hey
<Willu-Server> i just made up another joke
<Willu-Server> whats worse then a sexist, or a racist joke?
<szukalski> ?
<Maximinus> a willu-joke?
<phatputer> pwnd
<Midgetpohm> lol :P
<Willu-Server> no, a joke about an female of an ethnic minority getting raped
<phatputer> I like Maximinus's answer better
<Mevunky> LOL
<Midgetpohm> anyone in here flown with uninted airline before?
<Willuknight> i crashed into the World Trade Center with them once
<Willuknight> it was fun
<Sage> i shall die!
<Sage> and then come back to life
<Sage> and start a religion
<Sage> no wait that was jesus
* beez wonders wether his other system hung or is still fscking
<Da_Pineapple> if it's well hung, I'll be good for a fscking.
<Lisa> Internet killed the literary work.
<hobbs> by the Buggles?
<Hori> Hitler was an emo! The godfather of emo!
<Hori> He was a shitty artist,
<Hori> Emo fringe
<Hori> Suicide
<Hori> and he wrote a book "My Struggle"
<Hori> I just realized this
<Hori> Realize it with me
* ParityBit waits for the exchange setup to complete
* krikkert sets up ParityBit.
<ParityBit> for hot girls?
<ParityBit> excellent!
<jiteo> Somebody set up us teh chix0r!
<shminux> hatred hatred hatred hatred hatredhatredhatredhatredhat redhat redhat redhat
<jiteo> I are no kernel hacker :/
<jiteo> I are barely talk gooder English.
<xslogic> indeed mee niether.
* Raptor hands jiteo a piece of corn and an ax. Now you are.
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* Myke sets modes [#SPORKS +party]
<Irrelevant> woo!
<krikkert> Private, admins-only, registered-users-only, topic change by ops, something else.
<krikkert> :>
* Myke sets modes [#SPORKS +pants krikkert]
<krikkert> :o
* Myke sets modes [#SPORKS -pants krikkert]
<Myke> Shirt & Shoes Required.
<Irrelevant> i think that one's more disturbing
<krikkert> Yeah, now I'm only wearing one pair of trousers.
-!- ParityBit [[email protected]] has joined #SPORKS
<Raptor> Okay, we've got a paritybit. But how useful is that? Assuming that 1 nick = 1 bit and 1 channel = 1 byte, we have 32 bit bytes, or the like.
-!- ParityBit is now known as PartyBit
* Raptor wonders what a PartyBit is for.
<PartyBit> well if set it indicates there is a party
<celti> ...eep.
<celti> Loud screechy tires and gunfire.
* celti puts on pants.
<celti> Spam is... odd.
<celti> "My vacation plans didn't include being teleported back to the Pliocene epoch, but, happily, the aesthetic is always this cataclysmic in Tongariro National Park."
<hadji> There's a restaurant in my home town that serves a dish they call "Chicken Picasso".
<hadji> I've asked, "What's that? Three breasts, one leg, and four wings?"
<hadji> No one gets it.
-!- Raptor changed the topic of #SPORKS to: 2 007, the year of the James Bond.
< hobbs> does that mean we're leaving behind the year of the Alec Trevelyan?
< Maximinus> hmm, it's no wonder that a slightly modified base16<->base10 converter doesn't work... there's no bloody zero in my base26
< Maximinus> so I effectively have a zeroless base27
< celti> Heh.
* celti goes back in time and sells Maximinus to the Romans.
< celti> Don't worry, you'll fit right in.
<Myke> DOOM.
<Secris> i'll have one doom on rye, hold the tomato
<krisguy> no doom, db for me right now
<Myke> Sorry, this DOOM only comes with Wrath and an option for floods.
<Damoz101> Anyone got any PCI-E For sale?
<neoprint> I've got plain old E, damo
<Phatputer> I have some PCI
<Phatputer> maybe me and neoprint can get together and sort you out
<redcyborg> fuck hell, its way to expensive for me
<jiteo> Highly pointless exchange there - but then, isn't all of IRC like that? ;)
<Myke> isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?
<jiteo> Pots can talk?
<krikkert> Potheads can.
<Phoon> It's like the crackhead calling the pothead fucked up.
* celti stabs krikkert again.
<JustPlainJack> Krikkert is being stabed by celti
* celti throws Mostlyharmless at krikkert.
<JustPlainJack> Krikkert gets thrown with mostlyharmless by celti
<krikkert> o.O
* celti blinks at JustPlainJack.
<krikkert> Thanks... I think.
* celti picks Mostlyharmless up again and throws him at JustPlainJack.
<JustPlainJack> i am the narrotor
<celti> And not the greatest of them.
<JustPlainJack> for the blind people in the channel
* Myke has to assemble his bed sheets
<Myke> damn laundry
<Myke> only thing it does automatically is get dirty
<beez> Myke: just `make clean`
* krikkert throws puppies on Myke's laundry.
<beez> ugh, that was bad
<beez> even for me
<krikkert> He'll need a make distclean, as he has to reconfigure.
<krikkert> `mv -f Myke /home/bed`
<Myke> whois bed
<Raptor> krikkert: I think you need to make the bed first.
<krikkert> `mount /dev/bed /home/bed; mv -f Myke /home/bed; force-sleep /home/bed/Myke 8h /lib/`
<Kelli217> mv: no filesystem in 'bed'
* krikkert flips Myke's power switch.
* Myke runs on UPS power
<Raptor> Sure, corrupt his memory
<krikkert> He's growing old, his memory corrupts itself by the second.
<krikkert> :P
* Myke has ECC and Chipkil1
* Myke has and Chipkill
<Raptor> ...
* krikkert cracks Myke open and starts rummaging around.
* krikkert removes excess parts.
* krikkert sells them on the black market.
* Myke has no user servicable components inside.
* krikkert voided Myke's warranty by opening him.
* krikkert can no longer return Myke.
* Myke has no warranty.
* Myke does require regular maintenance tho.
* krikkert feels bad.
* krikkert upgrades Myke's exterior.
<Raptor> What, an oil change every 5,000 heartbeats?
* Raptor adds a spoiler
* Myke thumbs Raptor's bible
* krikkert adds an integrated remote LART control.
<hobbs> uh-oh. RicerMyke?
<silentcoder> never underestimate the bandwith of a donkeycart loaded with CD's
<mcnutcase> Latency's a pain with that though.
<silentcoder> you may have 6 month ping times
<silentcoder> but the oversized ping-packet attack has NEVER been more effective
<silentcoder> and no other carrier medium can dump core and just keep on carrying as if nothing happened
<mcnutcase> If only I could run a car on politicians' bullshit...
<Maximinus> That'd be the ultimate renewable energy source
<mcnutcase> Exactly.
<mcnutcase> Plentiful, free, and guaranteed never to run out.
<JustPlainJack> just hook george bush to your car
<megaspaz> if it's broken, it must sink... therefore, what floats on water? a duck! put it on the scale... if it weighs more than a duck, it must be broken!
<megaspaz> if it's broken, it might turn you into a newt as well... ;)
Mostlyharmless> i miss haloween.
<xslogic> I hit it every time. *rimshot*
<Mostlyharmless> shut up, give me candy.
* xslogic gives Mostlyharmless a cheap fridge freezer.
* Mostlyharmless opens it.
* Mostlyharmless gets attacked by the thing xslogic was growing for 3 years that may or may not be an egg salad.
<xslogic> :/
<xslogic> Sally, don't attack him...
<xslogic> You don't know where he's been... ;-)
<Mostlyharmless> GOD!, MY EYES! THIS IS NOT CANDY!
<cjeris> at least register allocation is easy on x86. "Can I have a register?" "No."
<lig> __wake() { flush;}
<Maximinus> lig, been dump()ing in your sleep()?
<jiggster> sick :P
<lig> Maximinus: not normally :)
<cythrawll> not NORMALLY
<cythrawll> but occasionally
<lig> LOL
<Jymmm> TMI
<jiggster> lol
<cythrawll> man i'd hate to wake up next to you in the morning
<krikkert> fdisk, format, reinstall... (doodah, doodah!)
<celti> fdisk, format, reinstall, that's the Windows Way (tm)
<Mostlyharmless> you are thinking to far in the now
<mcnutcase> I need something to fill in the centre of the muffs.
<Mostlyharmless> OMG i met a person who doesn't know who mr t is
<nightshade> Mostlyharmless, i didn't know that was possible
<Mostlyharmless> i had her ask her mom who he was
<Mostlyharmless> she just started laughing at her.
<Mostlyharmless> then her mom told her dad
<Mostlyharmless> and he started laughing at her.
<Al_lA> compiling is ... the best way to spend a saturday night
<Acedj> My god this lady is driveing like a mad well umm lady.
<Lex> Hehe! wouldn't you be scared if she drove like a mad cheesecake?
<Maximinus> Oh, man... this guy's contribution to the networking assignment just gets better...
<Maximinus> Apparently, if a computer is already transmitting on a shared medium, "then other computers must wait until it finishes its transmutations"
<eyez> transmutations?
<jiteo> What he said.
<eyez> what is it transmuting into?
<Erika> Maximinus: What, the computer needs to stop being a rubber ducky first?
<Erika> How the FUCK did my D&D game just turn into a discussion of who pays on a date?
<krusch> Oh god.
<krusch> I just sneezed while I was peeing.
<krusch> That was awful.
* krusch jumps back on his 'puter.
<krusch> What'd I miss?
<Maximinus> krusch: A 5" midget in a bikini unicycling along an omlette balanced on its side, whilst wearing a lemon as a hat
<krusch> Jesus.
<cyberjuda> damn, i missed that too
* krusch vows never to go AFK again.
<Astro_g> damnit, can someone kick my primary?
<Deverant> that is a very manly request...
<wf2> i like big teeth and i cannot lie!
<wf2> you other dentists can't deny
<acedj> Look, this is the cat - you can stick your hand in it!
<Lex> Can anyone in here speak polish?
<Mostlyharmless> sure, uh, i spekin de polski and am notski makingski vordskis and addingski skiski to them
<Mostlyharmless> =(
* Mostlyharmless can't really speak polish
<Maximinus> Darn, you had me fooled
* jiteo wonders if flavoured eadible lube has already been done
<Lex> jiteo: yes
<Lex> I have a tube of strawberry flavour
<Lex> should only be used for oral
<Lex> on a guy
<Lex> Messed with the pH of a woman
<Mostlyharmless> ph balanced? what are you? a pool?
<krikkert> Bah, screw that. Where are my trousers?
<SnArL> if I put cheerios, corn flakes, and shredded wheat in a bowl, am I eating cereal in parallel?
<Lex> I just found I've committed myself tomorrow
<jiteo> I think sporksbot talks
<sporksbot> Lies. All lies.
<Nameless> I rather enjoyed the model that turned out to be male
<Nameless> o/` and what happened next is still a blur, but you remember that Fist can be a verb
[15 minutes pass]
<PsychoI3oy> .killcount Nameless +1
* Nameless has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<PsychoI3oy> lol
<Maximinus> haha
<PsychoI3oy> i meant that his channel kill count had increased
<PsychoI3oy> not to kill him
* PsychoI3oy is now known as peer
<Maximinus> Now I know who that bastard calling himself 'peer' is who keeps resetting my connection!
* peer presses reset buttons
* Maximinus stabs peer
* peer pushes Maximinus' reset button
* Nameless ([email protected]) has joined #SPORKS
* peer is now known as PsychoI3oy
<Maximinus> .lart God
* sporksbot LARTS Maximinus with a clue-by-four. (God not on this channel)
<Maximinus> Well gee, seems he isn't everywhere after all
<Nameless> it's simple really, .lart followed by a nick inthe channel, taht's all, nothing else
* Acedj is now known as God
<Lex> .lart God
* sporksbot LARTS God with a clue-by-four. (Lex made me!)
<God> Hehehe
<Lex> fuck yeah!
<God> lol
<Maximinus> .lart God
<Maximinus> my turn!
<Maximinus> eh? where my lartage?
<sporksbot> that's enough of that...
<Nameless> heh
<shminux> bot hates you
* jiteo prods #SPORKS with -v
<Arachnid> A verbose prod?
<jiteo> aye
<Arachnid> ** Prod recieved
<Arachnid> ** Initiating prod processing
<Arachnid> ** Prod processing initiated
<Arachnid> ** Evaluating prod parameters
<Arachnid> ** Assessing prod response matrix
<Arachnid> ** Prod response calculated
<Arachnid> ** Executing response
* Arachnid has kicked jiteo from #SPORKS (Don't prod me)
<Arachnid> ** Prod complete.
<shminux> 27" seems like plenty
<stout_AK> I need to do something they don't expect.
<stout_AK> Like show up, with my mom
<stout_AK> heh.
<TheDevil> show up naked wearing a duck as a hat and an umbrella up your ass
<TheDevil> that's unexpected
<Control> Universal for small values of 'universe'
* Arachnid has changed the topic to: Yes, Auckland is gone. No, the guy that owns it didn't give me warning.
<Erika> stout_AK I absolutely love shoudler blades :) <-you'd love me, then, I have like the shoulder blades from heaven.
<stout_AK> mmmm
<TheDevil> what are the shoulderblades from hell then?
* stout_AK hugs Erika and gropes her shoulder blades
<ParityBit> you can grope shoulderblades?
<TheDevil> heh, I fondled an ex's shoulderblades once (before she was an ex)
<ParityBit> 0_o
<mostlyharmless> ;\
<stout_AK> of course you can grope shoulderblades
<stout_AK> I just did :)
* Erika gropes her shoulderblades
* psychomobile has quit (Quit: - ircwap, -)
* psychomobile ([email protected]) has joined #SPORKS
<psychomobile> stupid thing
<psychomobile> not that i know why i bothered coming back with nobody here
<dab> you came back?
<TheDevil> yeah, he left and came back
<dab> why'd he bother doing that, there's nobody here >:-)
* psychomobile has quit (Client Quit)
<Da_Pineapple> tried it once, and I just didn't enjoy it
<Da_Pineapple> though I seem to be decent at wild animals
<stac> Maximinus: you must excuse stout_AK. he is american and on top of that from Alaska. he is not well versed in the international cousine and can barely look over his county border. he does know other countries exist. Like canada. he is still puzzled though why it's called a country and not a state.
<stout_AK> Everytime I feel the need to have a family, I watch King of the Hill.
<stout_AK> Then I imagine the kind of embarrassment Hank must put up with
<stout_AK> That pretty much ends that.
* Phoon needs to find a big purple stuffed animal
* Oneiros has quit IRC (Quit: connection reset by little gnomes with hatchets)
<NuclearWinter> I think now I want a t-shirt with the ASCII chart on it...
<Maximinus> Why?
<NuclearWinter> Reference.
<Maximinus> "Hmm, what's ascii 62? I know, I'll just take my shirt off and have a look!"
<NuclearWinter> Exactly.
<imperito> that reminds me of a movie
<Maximinus> oh?
<imperito> What was the name of it... there were some kind of mutated aliens or whatever
<Maximinus> well gee, that narrows it down... ;-)
<Erika> imperito: Only narrowed it down to 10,000 or so Hollywood movies alone. Keep going.
<imperito> and this guy looks at a periodic table on this other girl's shirt, and comes up with a plan, and he's like "take off your shirt and I'll show it to you"
<Paul> I could write a book which claimed that the Earth was made of cheese, but that wouldn't make it true.
<peachstar> *downs come*
<peachstar> some*
<peachstar> ..............
<Agnes> Topic updated by Gerbil to: <peachstar> *downs come*
***Joins Zante
<Zante> guess whos back
<Caro> back again?
<Zante> shadys back
<Brunette> tell a freind
<Agnes> The topic has been changed by antRon to: DESTROY ALL HUMANS
<antRon> hmph. whatever.
<antRon> man, my topic is the pwnage
* MaX_reborN destroys antRon, then since the one who gave the order no longer exists, decides to stop killing humans
<antRon> .....
<antRon> poop.
<MaX_reborN> what happened to the chat?!
<peachstar> I flashed it and it ran away
<Gerbil> I MISSED IT!! :O..
<Gerbil> *shrug* i'm looking for holes, i want it to be purely innocent, but ..
Alex :: Romeo says:
  ha, yaknow whats funny.. punkbuster has been kicking _everyone_
  off battlefield for the last 10 hours
Paul says:
  Old PunkBuster was in a mood, e i e i o,
  And in that mood he had some fun, e i e i o,
  With a kick-kick here,
  And a kick-kick there,
  Here a kick, there a kick,
  Everywhere a kick-kick,
  Old PunkBuster was in a mood, e i e i o!
<Flunk> all blacks play like tampons these days..
<ineedmoney> how so?
<Flunk> 1 week in, 3 weeks out...
<camcamnz_laptop> u running XP?
<Pratt> XP?
<camcamnz_laptop> windows XP
<Pratt> umm no, i'm running msn and this and umm mozilla
<camcamnz_laptop> oh god........... why do i bother
<Pratt> i duno
<camcamnz> labour will prolly drop the greens, cos they wont go with NAT and that means that labour can pick up NZF and UNF
<MaX_reborN> nah, labour and the greens are buddies, they'll go together, like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong
<peachstar> i want Lyndon's babies dammit! but they're not coming out yet...
<camcamnz_laptop> arg feckin cat
<camcamnz_laptop> keeps freezing among other things
<Gerbil> No, i don't do anal
<Antonius> ....
* Antonius cries
<Lisa> it was all squishy and tight n stuff
<Lisa> actually felt really good XD
<Lisa> coz it tightens around anything that is prodded in there
<Laykun_laptopitronic> What can you fit into 25gb?
<unople> 25GB worth of files
<MaX_reborN> though I still can't stop sucking on it :-S
<peachstar> i know... it's an addiction
<MaX_reborN> =P
<peachstar> cold turkey works best
<peachstar> although you'll need a support group
<peachstar> because... it becomes hard
<[NZ]Hamco> il do anything with a pulse
<[NZ]Hamco> or had a pulse at some stage.
<Panheimer> dont worry, you get to die a martyr's death.
<Panheimer> 71 virgins await you in nirvana.
<Al_lA> ... those virgins had better not be lots of me
<Panheimer> Food makes eating fun!
<Gir> Verni verni vernius.... ne me mori facias
<Gir> 10 l33t points to anyone that can name that song ^
<Al_lA> ... sounds kinda like ... shit
<Al_lA> uhh
<Al_lA> Vert Vinosec
<Gir> hm... close
<MaX_reborN> FFVII
<MaX_reborN> one-winged angel
<Gir> pleh...
<Gir> FF8... Liberi Fatali
<Gir> wait a min...
<Gir> damn
<MaX_reborN> ^_^
<Gir> no, I'm sure it's Liberi Fatali
<Panheimer> if in doubt, eh?
<MaX_reborN> indeed, Sir Panheimer...
<Gir> it is One Winged Angel...
<MaX_reborN> ph34r m4 1337 g00gl1n' 5k1||z
* Gir commits Harakari... and bleeds all over the hub'
* Panheimer chops off Girs head.
<SEPTIK!!> how do u get those little msgs
<euphoria> what msgs?
<SEPTIK!!> like "SEPTIK claps" or sumfin like that
<euphoria> type /me is gay
<SEPTIK!!> any1
<SEPTIK!!> ??
<SEPTIK!!> wot does that mean
<euphoria> SEPTIK!!, type /me
* euphoria pwns
* euphoria is awesome
<SEPTIK!!> how do u do that
<euphoria> type /me
<SEPTIK!!> /septik
<euphoria> you retard
<SEPTIK!!> how do u do it
<euphoria> like this /me wow look at me
* euphoria wow look at me
<SEPTIK!!> type/me
<euphoria> HAHAA
<SEPTIK!!> how the fuck do u do it
<euphoria> /me blah blah
* euphoria blah blah
<SEPTIK!!> type /me
<euphoria> don't type 'type'
<SEPTIK!!> crip /me
<SEPTIK!!> wtf
<euphoria> I told you hip hop makes you stupid
<SEPTIK!!> tell me plz
<euphoria> I am telling you
<SEPTIK!!> hi/me
<SEPTIK!!> like that
<SEPTIK!!> ??
<euphoria> put hi after /me
* SEPTIK!! hi
<euphoria> HORAH!
* seminis says hi
<SEPTIK!!> /hi
<euphoria> omg
* euphoria shakes head
<Jizah> what sound does a possum make?
<Jizah> EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEchchchchsssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh
<Caro> *thump*
<peachstar> rolling on floor laughing
<Jizah> did I spell that right?
<Caro> it's not in tha dictionary so you must've got something wrong.
<Gir> now that's a mouse I'd give to poor children in Somalia as a present....
<Antonius> i want that mouse..
<Gir> "food? what the fuck do you need food for kid.... this mouse... it's shiney!"
<Maximinus> john - what happened to your car that required /smallfile to help "un-fuck" it?
<Gir> over heating issues... caused by overclocking my engine
<8-ball> do i smell?
<[nz]-[zero]> loyl
<[nz]-[zero]> like
<[nz]-[zero]> shit
<[nz]-[zero]> dude
<[nz]-[zero]> omg
<Hub-Security> [nz]-[zero] has been muted.
*** Joins: hmmm
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*** hmmm was auto kicked for spamming.
*** hmmm was auto muted by Spam Protection.
*** Parts: hmmm
<Jizah> f.u.c.k road, you know you're in auckland
<InsaneKid> hmm
<MaX_Respawned> good one Jizah
<Jizah> thanks
<Jizah> i wrote it myself
<Jizah> after reading it in a magazine
<Gerbil> I would install a wirefall immediatly.
<Gerbil> Sorry people..
* peachstar is not a people
<Al_lA> peachstar is SO a people
<peachstar> no way dude
<Panheimer> I though peachstar was a giant glowing bum-shaped fruit drifting across the heavens in a blaze of glory
* Al_lA leans and farts
<peachstar> ffs
* Al_lA waves his hands madly
* Panheimer takes his chance and leaps into Al_lA's gaping orifice
<Al_lA> nooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
<Al_lA> it's awful in there
<Al_lA> it's as bad as those ones i did the other day OH GOOD GOD IT'S GETTING WORSE
* Panheimer floats to the surface
<Al_lA> argh, the whole room smells
<Panheimer> atone for your sins!
* Gerbil cracks out his HAZMAT suit
<Al_lA> oh god, there's mroe
* Gerbil hands one to peachstar and Panheimer
<Al_lA> what thell hell crawled in my ass and died?
* Panheimer climbs onto a turdberg and plants the flag of nUb.
<Al_lA> haha, it smells like sweet and sour death, warmed up
* peachstar puts it on
<Al_lA> oh, sweet, merciful christ, let it dissipate...
* Panheimer puts on the hat.
<Panheimer> it is a good hat.
* Al_lA dies the good death
<Al_lA> the sweet, kind death of infinite mercy
* Panheimer humps the good corpse
<Fong> see, cos lesbians with redhair are hawt
<Fong> it makes me wish i were a lesbian
<Panheimer> 250 Gigabyte Pile-up on the information super highway
<[25k6]l0gic> I havn't seen Dean since he told sc0ut he got 'hacked' by the cops.. Which later turned into a story about the cops being his parents.. And his parents found porn on his PC.. :/
<-[T2K]Dean> thast not the story.
<-[T2K]Dean> shit, fire, g2g
<[25k6]l0gic> Fire? LOL... Always BS Dean.. Always.
* peachstar grills lag, puts watties sauce on it and eats it
<Johnny> Do you ever look at old ladies and wonder what they looked like when they were 18?
<Paul> No, I can't say that I have...
<Johnny> I've been doing it all day
<camcamnz> hehe, that ws fun
<Gerbil> what did you do?
<MaX_thraX> he rode a miniature unicyle along the back of a tuna fish, whilst juggling panini bread, what else do you think he would be doing?
<camcamnz> i finally got through to ihug help, and he got me to restart my router, then run their speed test, the first time it was 133Kb/s, then it had dropped 20Kb/s when i ran it a second time
<Lisa> chugalugaluga
<camcamnz> then he got me to tracert to, and and email him the restult, he was speeachless at the ping times, so he is passing it onto the network admins to analys
<camcamnz> unfortunatly he couldnt fix it though
<MaX_thraX> I prefer my version of events.
* MaX_thraX licks lips:

<Maximinus> oh no, my "e" and "r" keys are stuffed totally
<Maximinus> I can't type either of them
[A few minutes pass]
<Maximinus> oh, and for reference, I am now using a spare keyboard... I wasn't when I wrote those two messaages about my keyboard being stuffed
<Maximinus> evidently keyboards don't mind beer, but they hate water.
<MaX_thraX> I don't know quite how MS have managed it, but WMV and WMA are very small files yet still very good quality...
<peachstar> so dont hassle me Antonius or you get it
<camcamnz_laptop> just different compresssion alorithms
<MaX_thraX> they must have had millions of monkeys in diapers working away at typewriters to come up with it though...
<Antonius> heh heh heh, that would be so funny
<MaX_thraX> oh please, won't SOMEBODY THINK OF THE MONKEYS!
* Gerbil spanks the monkeys
* the monkeys sing a song at Gerbil
*** Joins: John
<MaX_thraX> howdy John
* peachstar spanks Gerbil for spanking the monkeys
<John> j0
<John> ...
<Antonius> ....
*** Joins: weasel.laptop
<Laykun> I am a zombie
<weasel.laptop> I am a weasel
*** Parts: weasel.laptop
<Al_lA> actually, there's someone hugely erotic about tucking a girl in
<weasel.desktop> hmm
<weasel.bigserver> me, me, me.
<weasel.laptop> me too!
<Gerbil> damn typing one handed sucks
<MaX_thraX> well get your other hand back out of your pants
<Gerbil> nah. cat is sleeping on it
<Agnes> A near GOD hath descended from the highest of heavens, bow down wretched n00bs, and obey the command of thy Lord Al_lA!
<MaX_thraX> well fuck the cat, just get your hand out of there
<Gerbil> hey
<Al_lA> i need more webcomics...
<Gerbil> can't write anythiing big sotrry
<Al_lA> *joins <MaX_thraX> well fuck the cat, just get your hand out of there
<Al_lA> oh god, i hate joining mid-chat